Why Pre-Plan?

Because it is the Smart & Responsible thing to do

Why Pre-Plan?

My name is Patricia Kimie and I’m a Pre-Arrangement counselor at Benito & Azzaro, an established Funeral Home in Santa Cruz County. In my years of working throughout the region, I have helped many families navigate this sometimes unfamiliar process.  Every individual is unique and deserves undivided attention while they take the steps through the decision-making process towards a customized plan.  Even the simplest cremation contains many details.

Maybe you’re like most who just don’t know exactly where to start or what your options are and want to become more informed.  Even those who were responsible for making arrangements for a loved one or a friend have many questions when it comes to their own wishes.

I meet with many people who say to me “I have been wanting to do this for years, but just didn’t get around to it”.  Or, “My spouse doesn’t want to talk about this but I think it’s time to do something”.

The fact is many people just don’t want to deal with these decisions and some put it off until it is too late. Accidents happen and unfortunately someone will inherit the responsibility of making many decisions regarding how to handle an unexpected funeral.

Nursing homes and hospice organizations require that advance planning arrangements are in place, but it becomes very difficult if a person is unable to communicate their wishes.  And last, inflation is real and prices will continue to increase every year.  Funding your arrangements often eliminates both financial strain and stress on survivors in the end.

How to Pre-Plan?

  1. Your first step is to Schedule a phone or in-person appointment.  This is a no obligation consultation.
  2. We will first discuss your wishes (Cremation or Burial?  Where  your final resting place will be.  Religious preferences and more).  I will educate you on all the legal options currently available to see if they are of any interest or can complement your wishes.
  3. I will record death certificate information, contacts and we will go into further detail of your wishes.
  4. We will discuss how and why a funeral policy is important and if this is the right decision for you and your family.
  5. If appropriate, we fill complete all administrative forms so there is little or no paperwork to handle at the time of need.
  6. Enjoy the Peace of Mind that you have completed this process.  Schedule a review every 5-10 years, as you would an estate plan.

There are several reasons why people pre-arrange their final wishes.
Family members have no doubts about your wishes and this helps to avoid disputes over decisions and cost.
It removes the burden on those around you in time of need and reduces or eliminates emotional overspending.
Can’t deny that someday our time will come so why not prepay and lock the costs in.
It will complete the Advance Healthcare Directive, will, trust or estate planning process.  Simply writing “cremation” or “burial” is not complete.

Set things up the way you want

Why put it off?

It is part of every will, trust or estate plan

Feel relief for getting it done

Don’t leave a burden on others

Establish your legacy

For peace of mind

“I’m here to help put the pieces of your puzzle together.”