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I have been helping families pre-plan their final wishes since 2015. Prior to this, I managed a firm that specialized in Medicare Supplements and Long Term Care programs. I understand the importance of listening and I focus on bringing my professional experience and expertise to customize the best plan for every individual so they can have peace of mind.

I have a passion for natural, green burial options and love to share the research and information. It is a global growing movement that addresses the many concerns our planet faces. These eco-friendly end of life options use biodegradable materials, avoid toxic embalming fluids and minimize carbon emissions. It is an environmentally conscious way of getting your affairs in order.

My forte is the ability to create a safe, comfortable environment so it is easier for the client to make sound financial and emotional decisions.

Ease the burden on yourself & others

Planning Ahead Ensures that your wishes are known

Serving Santa Cruz & surrounding counties

“I am your personal advocate and guide here to help build your legacy”

Patricia Kimie

My name is Patricia Kimie and I’m a Pre-Arrangement counselor at Benito & Azzaro, an established Funeral Home in Santa Cruz County. In my years of working throughout the region, I have helped many families navigate this sometimes unfamiliar process.  Every individual is unique and deserves undivided attention while they take the steps through the decision-making process towards a customized plan.  Even the simplest cremation contains many details for an organized and smooth transition.

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