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Why natural green burial?

Both traditional burial and cremation have considerable environmental impact from carbon dioxide emissions and soil contamination of non-biodegradable burial materials. Green burial, also known as natural burial or eco-friendly burial, is a type of funeral that emphasizes simplicity and sustainability. It typically requires far fewer resources for the care of the body and skips a number of traditional funeral practices such as embalming and using a concrete vault. Instead, the body is usually buried in a biodegradable casket or shroud without a grave liner or vault.

In California, green options include either full body burial in the ground or at sea in a biodegradable container or shroud. Although cremation is not considered “green”, many people seek a more sustainable and natural way to handle the cremains, and a green cemetery or an ash scattering at sea are both green alternatives to a traditional cemetery.

There are a few green burial cemeteries emerging and it is good to know the difference between a combo cemetery and a “green, natural” cemetery. A combo cemetery is one that will allow a “green” burial; however, they also allow traditional burials of embalmed bodies in metal caskets. One example of a “green, natural” cemetery that does not allow embalmed bodies or metal caskets is Purissima Cemetery located near Half Moon Bay California, off the beautiful coast of Hwy 1. Self & guided tours available.

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At this time, green burial in a cemetery is the most popular.  Exploring and selecting a plot can be an enjoyable experience and a key first step to legacy planning. Patricia’s knowledge and enthusiasm helps make the selection fun while taking care of this important step. The participation of family and friends at the grave site helps the healing process begin. I am currently scheduling tours for this location, so if you are interested, please contact me for tour dates or a list of other cemeteries that offer green burial.

A natural green burial cemetery

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Features of Green Burial

✔ Natural Choice

✔ Biodegradable eco-friendly

✔ Cemetery & At Sea options

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Address: 1275 Purisima Creek Rd, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019


Purissima Cemetery

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Resting with Nature

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Burial at Sea

Another Green option is full body Burial at Sea. Yes this is a legal option!  No embalming and no chemotherapy are the requirements.  Santa Cruz is a unique location as we must travel 33 miles to get outside the Sanctuary to perform this task.  Get the details and spread the word.

Resting with Nature

Resting with nature is becoming a popular concept, just as our ancestors handled their deceased loved ones:  without unnecessary metal or concrete vaults and a receptacle that would biodegrade in to the Earth. On earth or at sea, green burial is the natural choice.