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A Full Range of End of Life Planning

As your funeral planning advocate, I will customize your plan according to your needs and budget. 

Burial Services:  Discuss the differences between Traditional, Memorial and Immediate burial options. Will there be a viewing? Follow any religious preferences. Go through a list of details needed according to the type of burial service you choose. I work alongside the cemetery of your choice.

 Cremation Services:  Discuss the differences between Traditional, Memorial and Direct Cremation options.  Will there be a viewing?  Explain the 3 legal options for disposition of cremains and customize your details. 

 Green Burial Planning:  Help you understand your options of natural burial and discuss  the cemeteries that allow green burial.   Discuss biodegradable receptacle choices and details of the event. 

 Burial at Sea: Full body burial at sea is a legal option. This is a time-honored tradition in maritime operations where a deceased is buried in the ocean. The requirements for consideration is that the deceased is not embalmed and has not had chemotherapy. Learn what is involved and the options to carry this out. We also have a few boat options to scatter ashes at sea either unattended or as a Memorial event. For Veterans, learn what the Navy requires to honor your burial at sea wishes.

 Veterans ServicesI am proud to assist and educate you in your Veteran Benefits. Services include assisting you with applications and documentation needed to obtain your benefits for funeral disposition. Information about our National and State operated cemeteries and the Naval burial at sea program are discussed.

 Hospice planning: Ease the difficulty and complete all the details so proper grieving and a celebration of life can be had with your family and friends.

Death out of the area where you live:   Ask me about a service that will either bring your remains back to your city of residence or cremate you near the location of death:  all expenses paid with your membership.  This is a Must Have for people who choose to be buried.  

 Transport of remains to another city, state or country: For those who own cemetery property elsewhere or have family in other areas, I will break this into easy steps to help you understand all the details needed. Of all the pre-planning scenarios, this one works a lot more smoothly and is easier to understand if planned ahead.

What if you move? All your records and file are transferred to any funeral home in the United States. If you have a funded contract, it is easily transferable to a new funeral home.



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