Hello & welcome to my website. Just as we plan and prepare for our education, home, relationships, career, retirement and other life milestones, it is smart to do some planning for one’s funeral and final resting place.

A little bit of preparation reduces the burden on others and helps set things up the way you want.
To start, ask yourself, “Are you someone who…”

  • Wants to get this done but doesn’t know exactly how to proceed?
  • Has ideas/requirements (religious, other) you want fulfilled?
  • Has lost a loved one & thought it could have been handled better?
  • Plans ahead and would like to lock in funeral costs?
  • Is interested in green/natural eco-friendly burial as an option?
  • Wants things set things up the way you want?
  • Is interested in individual, couple, family or group plots?
  • Has been putting off the “funeral” discussion?
  • Does not want to leave a burden on others?
  • Wants to complete your will, trust or estate planning?
  • Does not have a spouse or dependents who would be there to make your arrangements.
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Funeral Pre-Planning planning includes:

  • Detailing and customizing your wishes
  • Selecting Services, logistics and final resting place
  • Preparing and/or completing administrative requirements

Set things up the way you want

Final arrangements planning is for anyone who has specific wishes or wants to get organized and be prepared to reduce the burden on others.

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